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Ducati Pantah TT

  • Class: Cafè Racer

  • Frame Base: Pantah 500

  • Engine:Pantah 500


The project

In 1980 I had a Ducati 250 Mark 3 and the Pantah was just one of my several wishes, unattainable for a small craftsman with two small children. Thirty years later I managed to buy a wrecked one, it was abandoned outside weather-beaten, all rusty and the aluminium was completely oxidised, transforming that dream in a colourless ghost. It took me a whole night of a cold winter, brightened by a glass of Cannonau wine, to muster up the courage and slowly dismantle, polish, chrome and give lustre back to the Pantah 500. The result can be debatable but never ordinary”.

Technical characteristics:
Front-axle assembly of a Monster S4 r, Fiat RITMO headlight, fiberglass bodywork, Yamaha TZR R 125 front rim, serviced front dampers, sanded Cylinder Head Valve Engine Cover, mirror polished semi carter. Standard engine.

Contact us

  • Giordano Loi - Sculture dinamiche
  • Via Taloro 16, 08022 Dorgali (NU)
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