• Class: Standard

  • Frame Base: Ducati ST2

  • Engine: ST2 Potenziato


The Project

My Ducati Special ST2 is inspired by the Giants of Monte Prama
” For the latest project I wanted to move close to the idea of pure sculpture tested with my prototype Chimera. Starting from the aesthetic kit of transformation of my creation Erky (tribute to the master of Dorgali Gonario Arras) based on Ducati Monster I looked at integrating unprecedented elements in order to give a new look at what was left of a Ducati ST2. Basically I stripped a Ducati ST2 of its superstructure and redesigned and realized all of its new parts.
In all of my works a thought, a latent image, emerges to guide me through the creation. The bulbs of the lights placed side by side in a structure of aluminium reminded me of the look of the giants of Monte ‘e Prama. These two concentric circles and a prominent forehead going down on a stylized nose, they make the look of the statues of Cabras magnetic and severe. These sculptures rewrote the history of art in Mediterranean, it was not the Greeks with their kouros who created the first plastic work, but the Sardinian sculptors around the 9th century b.C..
I reshaped a grille and some side guards from a radiator in a very ‘anthropomorphic’ way, with my typical naturalistic traits, as if a sculptor from a Nuragic age applied his way of making into a motorcycle. Once the piece in resin was realized, the colour had to be the most neutral possible, an opaque white, like a stone.
All of my works have in common a contrast between mechanics and bodywork, if superstructures are sculptures, mechanics and frame had to be ‘racing’, a bright red for the frame heavily transformed in the back, single-sided swingarm in aluminium derived from a Monster s4r, rear sprocket in ergal, red transmission kit, NGK silicone cables, SAMCO sport tubes, BMC filter hosted in a new air box in aluminium, Koso instrumentation, homemade exhaust designed by myself and all the liquid tank supports made of titanium: these are just parts of my countless alterations to transform a pacific Ducati St2 into a ‘road warrior’.

In my latest creation Prama I looked at realizing a fusion between archaeological research and motorcycles technique.

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