P R ♀ M E T H E A

  • Class: Custom

  • Frame Base: Ducati ST2

  • Engine: ST2 da 83 HP


The project

The Ducati specials PROMETHEA meant as dynamic sculpture and limited edition artwork.
The Promethea project was born from the artistic collaboration between Simone & Giordano Loi, active since 2004 in the contemporary arts and motorcycle prototyping and both with decades of experience in the jewellery art.
The project aims to combine the experience of sculpting and goldsmithing art to the modern composite materials in motorcycle’s production, like carbon and kevlar, elevating them to an aesthetic-functional level.
The motorcycle’s feminine features meet the beauty of art and the glitz of the jewel, in a dynamic-sculpture research for form and function.
It’s a handmade product made in Italy and entirely created in Sardinia.
The provocative design of Promethea is inspired by the sinuous lines of a 1957 Cadillac as well as the research on the green colour and chrome details, typical of that era.
Promethea is the goddess created by Alan Moore, source of inspiration for this innovative project, which uses the precious silver, embossed and engraved, as a frame’s decorative element.
These silver elements, like metopae on the frame, tell the genesis of beauty, with references to Venus and the ancient Sardinian “Cult of water” symbology, creating a stylistic continuum between Sardinian’s ancient past and modern times.
The taste for the jewel meets the symbolic research in the many details scattered along the motorcycle. The metal engraved and chiselled, silently tells the pursuit of beauty and knowledge.
On the left side of the motorcycle we can find the moon, engraved on the oil tank; on the frame, the engraved symbol of Venus becomes a simulacrum for the tree of life and its 10 sefirot, like an initiatory path of ascension to the stars.
Promethea aims to bring together and give justice to the ancient art and industry of Sardinia by the presence of the native silver, rediscovering an artistic past hidden by the official art history. An example can be the importance of statuary of Monte Prama, the giants that kept watching over the island as holy warriors.

Technical and functional specifications

The starting point of the prototype are the Ducati’s chassis and engine, on which stand the handcrafted composite fibre superstructure, such as tank, faring and tail.
These elements have been built with the classical sculpting techniques; the first phase consists on the construction of a clay prototype followed by a lose cast on which will be added a first layer of composite material. The finishes are added later, etc.
Aesthetics: headlight fairing as a single piece, stainless steel front fender structure, carbon tank with Pantah cap, natural leather handmade saddle, carbon seat cover.
Frame: modified Ducati st2, S2R swingarm, 998s fork, brembo triple bridge, handcrafted stainless steel tube plate holder; rearsets and adjustable Ducabike handlebars signed by Giordano Loi, DID ERV3 racing chain with 520 pitch, ergal Ducati performance rear sprocket, racing SUNSTAR front sprocket.
Engine: Ducati 900 SS, ST2cams, lightened flywheel, dedicated ECU, KN cone air filter, custom exhaust handcrafted by Giordano Loi.

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