L U C E _ the substance’s glare
Mixed technique: steel, polyester, wood, 2011.
Plumbeous cross, just like the cold flashes of the steel or of the water that moves forward, grey, unstoppable. A Cross that sentences to death all the sons of the substance, exalting the technique, the violent progress, unable to handle the destructive power of a jammed mechanism. In this picture is portrayed the volatile scream of the flood, the hole in the nuclear power plant, the frightening threat of the explosion. So the surface gets engraved of wounds radiating away from the centre, like the reflection of the catastrophy, like the invisible stream that contaminates the sea and instils the fear in the heart. Cracks that dig inside and are tangible signs of rage and powerlessness, everything that is left in front of the irreversible wall of technique. In the middle of the cross there is the light, not Christ anymore, a magnetic field replacing the vital energy, fragile and warm, with the lifeless eye of the machine, perfect until the unexpected. It Is not the heart, torn apart, dying, it is the unconscious beat of the artifice. It is not the pain, vibrating hope, it is the blind fracture, implication of the needed conquer. The changing reflections move along the substance’s whiffs, chasing the tangency of the rays, they are not the sign of the reborn life, stronger than the death, in the breath of a living creature, but they are only the metallic glittering of the human creation, an illusory light. So empty visions crowd in the mind, soldiers in trenches, fibre optic forests, futurist thoughts, miracle of the metropolis; it’s not anymore a white cloth mercifully wrapping the body and guarding the breath of life of the soul, what stands out is the cold poverty of the cross, left alone trembling in the wind under a sky in grief. At its feet there are the ruins, the fallen, the good idea of quitting the illogical claim of a Synthetic God.

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