Art Piece in bronze, polyester resin, aluminium and iron
Dimensions: 220 x 46 x 120
Year: 2004
I took the IDEA from the Chimera, i wanted to create a hybrid between organic and technologic, made of the typical sculpture material: the bronze. The choice was also due to the attempt to convince the arts masters that motorbikes aren’t anything but dynamic and living sculptures, with their own lives, created by man’s mind.
For instance, an engine grows, lives and dies, doesn’t it? Isn’t it life, soul as well? So, from exhausting the absorption of the anatomic volumes i add the summary of the last twenty years motorbike design. Then the substance, the clay, talks and drives me in the shaping, giving birth to shoulder blades, vertebras, gills, eyes. A mixture of lion, shark, scorpion and woman. From the first prototype, through plaster cast, I obtain the resin and bronze pieces that need nothing but sanding down and polishing.
Technical characteristics
Original chassis of a Suzuki RG 500 hardened by putting some more trellis aluminium triangles under the headstock (o steering tube), upper and lower frame welded by myself with TIG welding, Ducati 900 SS front forks, 1992 Suzuki GSX 750 swingarm, conveniently modified with an anchoring triangle, double system rear shock absorber and a strengthening A-frame on the chain side.
Rectified engine, larger carbon fibre air tubes, specially tailored Galassetti exhausts.
Thanks for the technical support go to Ricardo Pérez Bochons U.P.V., Frederich Valencia, Giovanni “the wizard” Bacchitta, Loddo, Silvano “Double System”, Galassetti, Lazzarini Walter, Marino, Giancarlo Lepore, Baddo and many more…

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